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Release Date : 26-11-2021

One Storage Questionnaire 2021

Release Date : 23-11-2021

Thank you for your support to One Storage! In order to improve the quality of service and understand your usage habits, I hope you can give us valuable advice on One Storage and bring better services, supportin...

Renovation? Relocation? Easy handle and get discount!|Mini Storage

Release Date : 18-11-2021

【One Storage-The latest discount for rollover! 】   Move to an individual, move to a relocation? One Storage helps you easily transfer your warehouse, an...


Release Date : 18-11-2021


Release Date : 17-11-2021

A guide to living in Fo Tan! |New real estate, moving, decoration, express delivery, mini storage|One Storage Mini Storage

Release Date : 16-11-2021

Perhaps Fo Tan used to give people the impression that it was remote, far from the city and not easily accessible. However, with the addition of various transport routes and the advent of the Tuen Mun Ma On Shan Line, the perception of Fo Tan ...

Disney+ is officially launched!|How to store toys|One Storage Mini Storage

Release Date : 16-11-2021

Disney+ is ready to be officially launched on November 16, 2021! I believe you are all very excited to see relevant publicity in the streets and alleys recently! Of course, in this era, watching streaming platforms on the Internet has become e...

Double 11 discount! Don't miss Sporting goods! |Sports items Storage|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 10-11-2021

As the weather turns colder, it's important to remember to keep warm and remember that the annual November Double 11 Sale is coming! I'm sure many of you are already gearing up to buy some of your favourite items on that day!

Extended Stay Package|One Storage x The Royal Garden|Deluxe room monthly offer from HK$14,000|Customer Exclusive Offer

Release Date : 10-11-2021

The Royal Garden is offering an exclusive offer for deluxe rooms. Enjoying comfort and spaciousness of Royal Garden room service, discount for monthly services and amenities is available while our client's house is under renovation. ...

Designated branches, limited discounts! | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 02-11-2021

At the end of summer, summer supplies are taken back from time to time. I am preparing for autumn hiking supplies. I find that my space at home is almost full?When the autumn wind blows, when you want to take out the clothes for the season, yo...