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Half price offer at Tsuen Wan branch now | One Storage

Release Date : 08-10-2020

This offer has ended, thanks for your support! [Monthly rental from as low as HK$300 for all 20 outlets in Hong Kong, half price offer for Tsuen Wan outlet now Good news! 20 shops in H...

Extra discount at branches | Up to 55% off at San Po Kong Branch | One Storage

Release Date : 08-10-2020

This offer has ended, thanks for your support [Store Offer Extra] Up to 55% off at San Po Kong Ricard Store The offers keep on coming! From now on, San Po Kong Ricard Branch is offerin...

Annual Giving Back Campaign|Mini Storage|One Storage

Release Date : 07-10-2020

This offer is now closed, thanks for your support Once a year, we're giving back! Half price rebate at Kwai Chung Benefit Shop! 🎉 A limited number of small to medium sized 26 sq ...

Hong Kong Island Branch! New Grand Opening | Mini Storage | One Storage

Release Date : 05-10-2020

This offer has ended, thanks for your support! Hong Kong Island Branch! New Opening Special🍾 Low monthly rent*HK$274. *14 sq. ft. of stor...

How to choose a mini-warehouse and three key points for renting in 2020 | One Storage

Release Date : 28-09-2020

Many people rent mini storage to make more space for their belongings and to make more room in their homes. There are also many people who rent mini storage for renovation, moving house, moving company or collecting their favourite limited edi...

Moving with Buddhist-Style | One Storage

Release Date : 15-09-2020

I have a few boxes of unpacked winter clothes from my last move... I may have to wait until it's fate or the next move... next winter first. As the saying goes, "It takes time and effort to move from one house to another, ...

Six Myths You Don't Know|Mini Storage

Release Date : 02-09-2020

Understand the 6 myths of renting a warehouse so you don't have to worry about moving! There are so many mini-warehouses in Hong Kong, how can you find one that is reasonably priced and gives you peace of mind and confidence?

Ten tips for organising a small home into a large one | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 02-09-2020

Tips to make your home bigger How do you make your snail's home more comfortable and comfortable without being rude? How to make your flat bigger and more practical? Take a look at the following design and storage t...

Home based campaign to combat the disease and enforce the house|One Storage

Release Date : 02-09-2020

Health tips to make the most of your time Most people are spending more time at home under the influence of the epidemic, but the longer the epidemic lasts, the worse the consequences start to appear. There are onl...

Online School Start Tips | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 01-09-2020

Today is the opening day of the school year. Due to the epidemic, face-to-face classes have been suspended and many schools are holding their opening ceremony online instead, requiring students to attend in front of their computers. Due to the...