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Representative - Ms. Chen | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 04-08-2021

Before Ms. Chen saw the job, she wrote in her own resume that with her three magic weapons, she can help all customers "black question mark"!   The three magic weapons are: 📌 Space computer

Be a fan of Mirror? Mini storage can help you! | One Storage

Release Date : 04-08-2021

Last month's "Uncle's Love" was really hot in the city, even burying the international scene, Anson Lo among the twelve sons of Mirror, of course, as one of the protagonists, is a hot character!  

Tips for Consumption Voucher | Mini Storage

Release Date : 02-08-2021

Those of you who applied for the consumer vouchers plan before July 17 this year, I believe you have already received the first-phase consumer vouchers! I don’t know if you get the coupon subsidy through Alipay Hong Kong, Octopus, Tap &a...

Performance of One Storage | Mini storage

Release Date : 30-07-2021

Is One Storage Good? Everyone will know that by just a few words, One Storage, your star-rated mini storage choice. Tha...

One Storage | How to help build a two-person world | Mini Storage

Release Date : 30-07-2021

In the midst of the epidemic, Hong Kong people are forced to pay expensive prices for different epidemic prevention supplies, including masks, disinfectant supplies, gloves, etc. This shows that the prices of goods in Hong Kong are so high tha...

Tokyo Olympic Sports Fever | Put away sports equipment points | Mini storage

Release Date : 28-07-2021

It has been a full year and a half since the beginning of the epidemic. Of course, it is impossible to go abroad for a while. Japan is the most frequent and favorite country for Hong Kong people in our country. Because of the repeated and indi...

Olympic Passion|Mini Storage

Release Date : 27-07-2021

Hong Kong team, great!   Mr. Cheung faced the strong from all over the world, and won the gold medal in an international event for Hong Kong after a 25-year lapse of the Olympic Games! It's really touching and in...

Renovation and moving | Short-term rental warehouse | One Storage can help you | Mini storage

Release Date : 26-07-2021

Renovate and move? The ultimate mini storage is the best! Rent 6 get 6 free, as low as $199*, register this week and get a discount of $500* for delivery! The offer is limited, please drop it now 👍🏻

One Storage | Collection Desire | Mini Storage

Release Date : 23-07-2021

Do you have a hobby that has persisted for a long time? For example, collecting cards, models, clothes, etc. When you travel abroad, have you ever tried to buy the country’s special products or souvenirs home as a souvenir? &...

July Limited Time Offer and Reward Together|One Storage

Release Date : 22-07-2021

The so-called friendship between gentlemen is as pale as water, but there are good numbers, why not share it with friends! No extra space in the home? But there are a lot of things you want to buy and replace? One Storage mini stor...