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Release Date: 21-03-2020


With the summer holidays around the corner and book fairs just around the corner, the peak season for books is often a source of frustration for students and book lovers alike. Maybe you are a student who has to get rid of old textbooks at home; or maybe you are a bibliophile who wakes up every year at book fairs to the fact that you have bought too many books and are thinking about your snail's pace or moving house. When you are determined to get rid of your books, you will always wonder if it is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly to throw away your old books. ...... believes that mini storage can help you solve your problem.

1) Second-hand bookstore
At present, there are a large number of second-hand bookstores in Hong Kong specializing in the sale of used books, while some are specifically designed for students to recycle textbooks, and even for comic book fans to sell comics and so on. You can consider taking your old books that have been at home for a long time to second-hand bookstores for sale, not only to get rid of unnecessary books, but also to get a little cash back as a reward.
However, in recent years, some second-hand bookstores, only accept the gift of books and will not be acquired, the books recovered will be sold to readers at a cheap price, and will even donate part of the proceeds to charitable organizations, aimed at promoting environmental protection and reading. If you find a good owner for old books and do not care about the price, you may consider giving books to such second-hand bookstores.


2) Online Platform / Mobile App
If you want to make some money from your books, but don't want to sell them to second-hand bookstores at a lower price, then you can consider using online auction platforms, Facebook second-hand book groups, or some mobile apps to sell your old books. The advantage is that you can give your books to people who really need them, and you can decide the price of the books.
Of course, these methods tend to be more time-consuming, and you may have to deliberately make an appointment to sell a book, and there is a greater chance that you will meet a bad buyer who misses the appointment. Of course you can also use courier services to deliver books under the consent of both parties; but note that because the weight of the books is not light, send several books at once, the shipping costs are not cheap, the extra cost is borne by you or the buyer to pay, to deliberate.

In addition to second-hand bookstores can donate used books, many voluntary organizations and charitable organizations in Hong Kong have a regular collection service for used books, and also placed recycling bins in various districts, so that readers can donate books anytime and anywhere. Although some organizations will only accept certain types of books, but as long as the old books can be donated. For more information, you can visit the relevant websites.
In addition, Hong Kong organizes a number of large book drives every year, most of which are co-organized by voluntary organizations and businesses. They will collect a large number of books in shopping malls or collection points in various districts on designated days, and the organizers will sell the collected books for charity.

4) Don't want to keep them in a cramped space?
Whether you are a book lover or not, I believe there are many books that are hard to give up, especially paperbacks, which are rarely bought and may have special meaning to you and are worth collecting. However, too many books piled up at home, for the general public in Hong Kong under the living environment is a problem. Improper storage will breed bookworms, humidity will produce odor, and serious damage may occur. ...... is better to find our mini storage help, will be worth saving books, using our storage for you to prepare a good storage in the best environment, if necessary, 24 hours to store out, both properly preserved and save space. If you love books so much that you can count them in boxes, renting mini storage is the best choice for you!

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